Rio Lagartos is a town in the Mexican state of Yucatan. This town is situated about twenty five miles north of the city of Tizimin; and Merida, the capital of Yucatan and largest city of the Yucatan Peninsula, is about a hundred and forty miles further south. Rio Lagartos is part of a natural reserve, and located at a lagoon called the Ria Lagartos. Because of its proximity to the Ria Lagartos lagoon, Rio Lagartos is an ideal location for birdwatching. The lagoon is also part of the Petenes mangroves ecoregion; and has been identified as an internationally Important Bird Area (or IBA, an official designation that indicates its unique importance to birds). In 1517, an expedition led by Francisco Hernandez (a Spanish conquistador), tried to gather water from a creek in Rio Lagartos; that creek was named El Estero de los Lagartos (which means "many large alligators" in English) because of the large alligators that inhabited the area.

Tourists who want to experience the Rio Lagartos biosphere reserve can use the services of Rio Lagartos Adventures. Located in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan, Rio Lagartos Adventures is a family owned and operated tour company that provides the following services: beach and snorkel trips, birdwatching tours, crocodile night trips, flamingo boat tours, fly fishing and light tackle, kayaks and bikes, sunset tours, and trips for photography. They also own the Ria Maya restaurant. Located at the waterfront of Rio Lagartos, the family restaurant boasts of its panoramic and sunset views as being the best in town, even in the entire state of Yucatan. All trips of Rio Lagartos Adventures start from the Ria Maya restaurant.

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